DIY flower stand: floor, table and hanging structures made from natural and scrap materials

Beautiful and convenient flower stands perform practical and aesthetic functions in the house, which are important when arranging a home.

Making a flower stand with your own hands is quite simple and even a beginner can handle this process, and you can use available materials as consumables.

The proposed ideas and solutions will help transform the room and arrange all the plants, creating an aesthetic composition. Using self-made stands will be an excellent solution for those who value the individuality of room design and strive for originality of decor.

Flower stands help solve problems with allocating free space for pots with tall, climbing, flowering plants.

Proper arrangement and freeing up free space will help organize simple and convenient flower care, and water for watering will not get on the furniture or floor.

Types of flower stands

Using flower stands of different shapes and sizes that replace wall shelves, you can unload and free up window sills. At the same time, all plants are not deprived of natural light and remain to develop in a microclimate that is comfortable for them, which is important for normal growth and flowering.

Installing a stand with an original design and in a certain area of ​​the room will help present flowers in the most favorable light. Pots of different shapes and sizes will fit perfectly into the interior composition if you correctly decide on the type of flower stand from the proposed range of ideas:

  • stationary stands;
  • flower stands;
  • decoration stand;
  • corner structures;
  • hanging stands.

You can use such stands in the interior individually or create certain compositions from them, combining them into groups. These designs can unite the design of different rooms, being additional and accent accessories located in each room.

Additionally, flower stands are classified by design style and materials, which will help you choose the idea you like.

When starting the manufacture of a stand with the selection of a project, it is important to pay attention to such design features as sizes, methods of installing pots and the number of places for them.

Home, outdoor, wall, floor - a little theory

There are several types of flower girls, each category of products has its own individual characteristics and advantages. We have collected everything about them in a separate section of the site.

There are street flower girls and “home” flower girls . Forged stands perfectly decorate both the interior and the landscape. Therefore, they can be classified as each type.

Forged butterfly flowerbed. Kurdalagon Photos

In addition, it is worth noting the following types, depending on the location:

Wall-mounted flower stands are great space savers and provide optimal placement of vessels with plants. The most popular configuration among customers is shelves.

Wall flower holder for three flowers. UfaKovka Photos

Floor structures (which include stands) perfectly complement the interior and exterior decor, have different dimensions, and can be mobile or stationary.

Window structures have several forms: products for window sills, outdoor balconies for flowers, hanging structures placed near openings.

Flower girls under the windows. Flieger Photos

In addition, it is worth noting flowerpots and other elements of flower beds, characterized by a variety of shapes.

Forged flowerpot on the wall. Photo KuznetsPlus

The images collected in the “Photos” section (anyone can send pictures of their work) will clearly demonstrate the differences and allow you to choose a product that will perfectly decorate your home.

Below are some video shots from our gallery to revive your imagination.

Materials and tools for making stands

In your home workshop there are many materials that are suitable for making flower stands. In such designs, you can use only one type of possible materials or combine several textures, which will increase the originality of the product and improve its performance parameters.

Based on the proposed variety of ideas, flower stands can be made from various and the most affordable materials. Having decided on the shape and size, you can begin to select materials and they can be combined with each other to obtain an unsurpassed result:

  • sawn wood, timber or other lumber;
  • metal rods, galvanized metal and corners;
  • plastic pallets and pipes, fittings and adapters;
  • wicker materials, natural wicker and rattan;
  • glass and polycarbonate, remains of building materials.

To process the presented materials, professional tools and equipment or home tools are used. The master will need accessories for marking, sawing and cutting, grinding and polishing, compounds for anti-fungal and anti-corrosion treatment, varnish and paint.

The technology and equipment for processing are selected based on the prepared materials and the selected sketch of the future design. A beautiful flower stand: floor, table, or hanging can be made in the same style and it will not be difficult for a home craftsman to repeat a master class from professionals.

Hanging flower stands

Hanging stands are attached to a fixed base and in most cases their role is played by flowerpots fixed to the wall. An interesting solution would be an openwork shelf, which is fixed to a vertical and flat surface, and then flower pots are placed on it.

Hanging stands are different in that the pots are not attached to hooks and float in the air, unlike a stationary installation on shelves.

Variety of designs and placement methods

Externally, the stands look very different, but structurally they can be combined into the following groups:

One-piece stands. Products not intended for disassembly. Their design is the most reliable and does not cause additional hassle. However, rearranging or transporting a large model may be difficult.

Original solutionSource

Prefabricated. Such models are inferior in strength to solid ones, but if necessary (for transportation or storage) they can be disassembled. Smart manufacturers provide their products with assembly instructions.

Floral arrangement in the interiorSource

Mobile. Such models can be considered a subspecies of one of the first groups, but they are more functional and, therefore, more convenient. The wheels that the stand is equipped with allow you to effortlessly move your collection of flowers, whether you are cleaning or rearranging

It is important that such a design is stable

On wheelsSource

According to their purpose, flower stands are divided into the following types:

Floor-standing. Reliable and easy-to-use specimens, in most cases designed for several (sometimes many) plants. They have from one to three or four tiers, and are able to withstand significant loads. Based on their design, there are racks, shelves, screens, and slides. There are beautiful flower stands that resemble a folding ladder.

The main thing is sustainabilitySource

Wall-mounted. These models are wall mounted, saving space. Unfortunately, the fasteners are not designed to withstand heavy loads, so placing more than two or three medium-sized flowers on the wall is dangerous. The wall stand is ideal for hanging varieties (Tradescantia, begonia), and there is a place for it in the smallest room.

Fits everythingSource

Tabletop. Suitable for installation on tables, chests of drawers and other large furniture. Tabletop models often have a multi-tiered or curly shape. A stand designed for large flowerpots will have a harmonious appearance only in a spacious room.

Table ideaSource

Window (balcony) They are mounted on brackets to a window or balcony railing and often have decorative details. Window models are used when there is a shortage of square meters in the room; They are suitable for light-loving flowers, but in terms of capacity they lag behind floor options. When choosing, you need to check the reliability of the fastenings.

Metal flower girlSource

Angular. Designed to fill a corner, but due to their design, they cannot accommodate many containers with flowers. They are suitable for a small room or balcony, as they use space sparingly. Holding large flowers on them is problematic due to the small distance between the shelves.

Option for rounded cornerSource

Stepped Garden IdeaSource

Decorative. These often include outdoor models, stands for flowers in the garden made of metal or wood, although there are also, for example, tabletop models for one flower. Externally, such accessories are made in the form of household items: carts, bicycles, wheelbarrows; sometimes household items are adapted to serve as containers for a flower garden. They are convenient because they allow you to accommodate many plants, and at the same time enliven the surrounding landscape.

Outdoor figure standSource

Vintage wicker flower girlSource

DIY floor flower stands

If there is enough free space in the house, then floor stands, which can be of different shapes and sizes, are used to decorate it.

They can be made from all kinds of materials, a serving table can be remade according to an original design, or created from scratch, filled with original solutions.

Frame and frameless structures are multi-level stands with dedicated space for pots and trays. This can be a floor-mounted metal or wooden flower stand, made in the shape of a bush or an original lattice with fastenings for flowers.

How to choose?

When going to the store for a floor-mounted wooden flower stand, you should use some recommendations.

First of all, you should measure the area allocated for the future rack. You need to determine the distance from floor to ceiling: stores offer very high stands that are more intended for private houses and hallways than for apartments

For this reason, it is important to measure all parameters. It is necessary to indicate in advance in kilograms the load that the flower pots will create. You should choose a design that can support the weight. You need to make sure that the device will stand firmly on the floor and that the pots will not overhang

To do this, you need to select a stand whose lower rings have a larger diameter for heavier pots. It is better to give preference to racks whose lower rings or shelves are located from the floor at a distance of 40 cm, but no less. There should be the same gap between the levels - this is the only way the flowers will receive enough sunlight. If a flower girl is needed to place one flower, designed to create a bright accent in the interior according to modern fashion trends, then it is better to choose a single option.

The following video will tell you how to make an original floor flower box out of wood with your own hands.

Tabletop decorative flower stands

If there are a large number of flowers in the house, they do not have enough space on windowsills and tables, and a tabletop supply will come to the rescue. These are compact structures that can be of different shapes and sizes, with a certain decor and original decorations, uniform in style:

  • several plastic containers are glued to each other;
  • the finished stand is painted and decorated using decoupage technique;
  • the stand is fixed on a material with an anti-slip coating;
  • Flower pots are placed in the prepared holes and placed on the table.

Containers can be wicker, made of lumber and completely closed, with or without patterns. The design of the delivery must correspond in concept to the unified style of home improvement and the chosen stylistic composition, which will affect the aesthetics of the design.

Making a wooden ladder shelf

First, let's work with the simplest option. For work we will need:

  • Wooden blanks.
  • Screws, screwdriver.
  • Stain, acrylic varnish.
  • Brushes for working with varnish.
  • Plane.

Step-by-step diagram-instructions for the master:

  • Let's make the base for the stairs: this is an A-shaped blank.
  • Between the two slats-legs you need to make slots for the shelves.
  • We insert the shelves into the prepared slots and secure them with screws for additional strength.
  • We install the shelves at such a distance from each other that flower pots can freely fit in the opening (taking into account the height of the plant).
  • Each part must be processed before joining into a product. Using a plane, we get rid of uneven areas and possible snags. We cover the workpieces with stain and send them to dry. Next, you need to coat the product with several layers of transparent varnish.
  • Wrap the legs of the ladder with felt so as not to scratch them later under the weight of the flower pots.

Place flowers on the shelves and admire the changes in the interior of your home.

Metal flower stand for windowsill

An openwork stand for flowers on the windowsill with a different number of places for pots will help decorate the window opening. The design should be such that individual parts of the plants do not come into contact with the glass, and its height should not block the light, stopping its penetration into the room.

In most cases, low and openwork metal structures for 3-5 flower pots are installed on the windowsill.

It is better to install large and spreading plants on a floor stand or secure them to a hanging and wall structure to save space.

Selection principles

When choosing a metal stand for your home, you need to pay attention to its design, since the design must match the style of the room:

  1. Provence. It is better to choose soft tones. You can buy or make a structure in the shape of a chair, bicycle, cart.
  2. High tech. The best option would be strict metal structures without decorative elements. Surfaces do not need to be painted.
  3. Classic. Shelving and low pallets should be installed in such rooms. They should not have bends or decorative elements.
  4. Oriental. It is better to install massive structures under large pots. The structures can be placed in different parts of the room.
  5. Nautical. It is better to choose airy, graceful designs.

Before purchasing a stand, you need to carefully inspect it to avoid purchasing a structure with defects or unevenness.

Advantages and disadvantages

Positive sides:

  • high strength, durability, reliability, wear resistance;
  • attractive appearance;
  • large selection of designs;
  • Possibility of installation indoors and outdoors;
  • resistance to temperature changes, ultraviolet radiation, and chemicals.

Negative sides:

  • large mass;
  • susceptibility to moisture.

Wall stands (Photo: Instagram / podstavki_for_flower)

Manufacturers and prices

Domestic manufacturers:

  • "Best-Mebelik";
  • HitSad;
  • "PHI."

The average price is 1500 rubles.

Drawer coasters

An original and conceptual floor wooden flower stand will be made from small boxes. This is an excellent solution for placement on an open terrace or in an apartment decorated in a loft style, rustic style or classic Provence style.

The boxes can be installed in a checkerboard pattern, creating a visible structure, or they can be formed into a pyramid or other geometric figure. For the Provence style, the wood is bleached or coated with white paint; for a loft, it is left in its original form; for classics, it can be artificially aged.

DIY plastic flower stands

Plastic polymer materials are characterized by increased wear resistance and a long service life. Outdoor stands for large flowerpots can be made from metal-plastic pipes of small diameters, which lend themselves well to DIY processing:

  • several rings of different diameters are formed from pipe sections;
  • the rings are secured using vertical crossbars;
  • A plywood circle cut to the diameter is placed on the bottom.

All parts of the structure are designed identically and climbing plants can be placed on the top shelf. In addition to plastic pipes, you can use large-volume bottles, containers for bulk products and beautiful boxes made of polymer materials with a durable structure.

Metal flower stands

Forged floor flower stands can be made only if the person knows forging techniques. In any case, you can order the production of an original product from a craftsman, according to a sketch created by yourself and control the quality of the created design and its design.

Product care

To prevent surfaces from becoming rusty, the anti-corrosion coating and paint need to be renewed once a year. Dirt can be removed with a damp cloth. If there is no effect, you can add a detergent composition. After cleaning the metal from dirt, you need to wipe it with a dry cloth.

Stands for flowers and plants can be found in any garden store. They are made from different types of metal and differ in design, size, and type of installation. To save on purchasing forged products, you can make a stand yourself.

Unusual DIY flower stands

Non-standard and original designs are created from old bicycles with baskets, bedside tables and shelves. On your site, you can decorate the fence with bags in which various flower pots are placed, and after the warm season, all these structures can be easily collected for storage.

A stylish metal flower stand is not inferior in originality to a stand made from improvised means thanks to the careful development of the idea. To do this, it is important to follow the sequence of actions during production and always give the process a piece of soul and good mood.


It is worth noting that flower stands are often made from scrap materials. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the free space.

With minimal square meters, there should be a tall, compact design. By supplementing it with additional elements, it turns into an excellent decorative item.

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