welding wire in coils
Calculation of consumption rates of basic and welding materials for the manufacture of a welded assembly or structure.
Even novice welders know that different components are used during welding work, such as
What does MMA welding mean?
International Welding Procedure Designations and Welding Terminology
What the article is about: Designation system for MIG/MAG, TIG and MMA welding If previously manual arc
Welding flow chart: what is it, data
Home / Useful Back Reading time: 25 min 0 205 What is technological
Diagram of a thyristor welding machine
How to make a current regulator for a welding machine with your own hands
One of the main components of a truly high-quality seam is the correct and precise setting of the welding
Modern press for stamping body parts
Sheet metal stamping (hot and cold): types, equipment
To view the video, you need a modern browser that supports HTML5 video. The invention of the leaf became real
Blade wood processing schemes
Wood cutting. Tools, materials, machines and equipment
Cutting elements. Basic concepts and definitions A workpiece is an object subject to change in shape and size
VRemont.su - repair of photo video equipment, household appliances, review and analysis of the service sector market
Most metal surfaces undergo oxidation reactions when exposed to oxygen in the air. As a result
Performance of circles
We register the write-off of cutting wheels when performing construction work
How long a grinding wheel lasts depends on several factors, in particular: What kind of tool
Do-it-yourself pumping station repair: common malfunctions
Repairing a pumping station with your own hands: typical faults and how to fix them
Alas, even the most reliable pumping equipment can fail. Among the violations
Drawing on a car
How to connect an airbrush to an aquarium compressor. Compressor for airbrushing from a refrigerator motor. How the airbrush works
An airbrush is a device whose operating principle is based on spraying paint with an air stream. His
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